I received my watch this morning and it is above and beyond my expectations. Well worth the wait. I opened the watch right away and showed it to my FedEx guy and he loved it. He wanted to know right away where it came from and how could he look it up. I really appreciate the extra strap you included. Again thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. I have been collecting watches for years and this one definitely stands out as one of my favorites. I can’t wait to purchase another watch from you guys and I will be spreading the word on how great of a product you have created.

– Gregory C.


It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love it. It’s super comfortable and already has a permanent place on my wrist. I like the attention to detail.

– Jerad L.


The watch arrived on Wednesday and it looks fantastic, high marks to you for a great design. My wife likes it as well and she has excellent sensibilities.

Keep me on your email update list as you add any new designs.

Thank you again for a beautiful watch.

– Bill P.


[It’s] a joy to see the journey you are on with your new company. The name is wonderful and totally authentic. The product looks and feels the same way. I feel this is the type brand that many people are seeking today.

– Terry S.


My watch arrived earlier this week, however I just had a chance to open the box and try it on. It is amazingly beautiful and even more well designed than I had imagined. Thank you for all of your tireless effort and attention to detail. The Tool Watch is a functional work of art, that I will treasure for a long long time.

– Michael B.


Ted, the watch is great. I have some colleagues who are ready to order!!

– Stephen B.


First of all, the watch looks great! I love the look of the watch and
the dial! It has a great feel on my wrist. All in all, I think you
should be extremely proud of what you have created!

– Daniel


Finally got FedEx to deliver my watch… outstanding! I love large watches and this is awesome because it is a large face but it doesn’t stick out off my wrist… I am still interested in the brass version…Thanks again for building an outstanding watch!

– Corey B


Thanks so much for both the attention to detail as well as the quick turn around time. Sorry I have not written sooner as I have been on vacation. You are right that I am in SEAL training and I will definitely give you feed back on how it holds up. I intend to wear it at graduation. Thanks again Ted.

– Justin


I’ve been sporting my TOOL watch for well over a month now and been THRILLED with it. It’s been great and a treat to feature on my wrist every day. I’ve had more than a dozen people comment on it out of the blue. I’m so excited to have backed a new domestic artisan watchmaker.

– Trevin C.


[I] wanted to let you know i got 2 unsolicited compliments from a couple of watch heads over the weekend…..
one of them verbatim: “that’s way cooler than something commercial like a big pilot or a BR-002”

– Michael B.


Thank you very much for the follow-up and the dedication in making these fine watches a reality.

– Julien F.


My watches arrived today and they were worth the wait. They look fantastic, handsome but not fussy, just perfect. You must be very proud.

I’m glad I also sprung for the aluminum. Its weight alone (which is practically nothing) is novel.

– Dan R.


Just got back this evening from San Fran and received my order. Thank you for swift delivery AND the new deployment clasp! Band and clasp are in place (more comfortable than the previous band). The torque wrench will come in handy for cleaning. I’ll be heading to Vienna and Prague this summer and the new band/clasp will be in a snapshot. Best of luck with the non-KS watch assembly! I’ve had many compliments on your work and pass along a honest recommendation.

– Eric


The watch arrived safe and sound, and i am very impressed. it has already drawn compliments (from my girlfriend – a harsh critic).

I hope to see more amazing timepieces in the future.

– Rob P.


The Tool Watch is amazing! The watch exceeds my every expectation. I am looking forward to a lifetime of enjoyment from it. I also anxiously await your future offerings.

– Othni L.


I truly love your design, the logo is fantastic — and the bronze pushed me over the edge. Thanks for the time.



I want you to know I received the watch and am very pleased with it – it is exactly what I was looking for: a unique, rugged unfussy automatic – looks and operates great.

– Steve S.


I just wanted to say thank you for setting Kate up with the Tool Watch for my wedding gift. Its quickly turning into one of my favorite possessions. I get around 10 compliments a day on it.

– Josh G.


I just returned from a week of traveling and the watch was waiting for me. It was exactly what I had envisioned. Thank you for your excellent work. Best wishes with the development of your business.

– Richard S.