Ted Brown


Ted Brown, the founder of Berkbinder & Brown, says his mind “is a shop that is always open.” He has spent the last 26 years professionally designing. Brown first enjoyed success as the founder of Traditional Concepts, Inc., an architecture and construction firm which he ran for 22 years, and sold in 2004.  After exploring a number of creative pursuits, in 2008 he began making a watch for himself not willing to accept a black plastic watch for rugged outdoor activities.  It seemed this was a problem shared by others and the T46 Tool Watch solved the problem, beginning Berkbinder & Brown in 2011

The ethos of Berkbinder & Brown products is rugged, functional beauty – a cool brand with a rich American legacy. Ted says, “My grandfather owned a hardware store in South Dakota that provided the namesake and inspiration for the brand Berkbinder & Brown. The Tool Watch evolved out of a desire to have a watch for my active pursuits, an elegant watch built for work—but a tool, not a jewel. The functional watches I owned were ugly, and my nice watches were too delicate to withstand everyday abuse.


Berkbinder & Brown – Scotland, South Dakota circa 1919


Design  The Tool Watch is not a mass-produced item; it is a finely crafted small batch timepiece for life. Everything we do at Berkbinder & Brown results from a combination of finely-tuned disciplines: forging and welding, fine metal work, precision machining, architecture, woodworking and sculpture. This extensive palette of disciplines combined with the quality of our materials provides for a wealth of uniquely creative yet practical designs.