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  • PATAGONIA – Getting Ready

    1/12/15 Day -3

    I watched a GoPro on TomorrowLand, the music was catchy and visually captivating, but these words stuck with me……….

    “Listen intently to the stories of others and I will tell you why.   Sometimes in life it’s easy to get stuck, stuck  in what’s comfortable stuck in what we know, what we think makes us happy, time starts speeding by and suddenly you wake up and realize you’re surrounded by all things familiar, these comfortable things might be what’s holding you back.   A wise man once said when you’re about to make an important decision ask yourself what would your elder self  think about the choice you’re about to make.  You start to think that life is about being comfortable all the time, but just the opposite.


    My Last Trip Riding near Bariloche

    As I head to Chile and Argentina for almost a month with my son Sam, this captures  the attraction of the trip.  Yes, there will be things to see, and experience, people to meet but mostly it will be facing the unfamiliar the uncomfortable in one of the most beautiful settings on earth, Patagonia.  We will be driving over 4500 miles, camping, fishing, hiking, rafting and what ever else looks interesting.  I hope to capture some of this and log it into The Journey  for those who wish to follow along.  Not to vicariously travel with us, but to inspire, to make your own Journey to move out into the uncomfortable and unfamiliar.  To whatever that might be and wherever that might take you.

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