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  • Samuel Tyler – Blog Link

    My soon to be married son Sam is taking the journey with me or I with him depending on perspective.  Below is a link to his blog, here is a sample of the content.
    With reckless enthusiasm my dad and I are headed south. It begins in Santiago, Chile where we’ll pile our gear into a pickup truck and drive south. We’ll live out of the truck as we bounce down dirt roads through a region my good friend describes as “God’s best piece of work.” We’ll travel through the Patagonia region, weaving back and forth between Chile and Argentina in the shadows of the Andes, until we hit Punta Arenas, the southern most city in the Chile. We’ll travel a few more hours south to Ushuaia in Argentina and then continue north on the coast of Argentina. We’ll finish +4,500 miles later in Santiago, 4 weeks from the day we left. Follow along for updates and read about the hilarious (but probably useful) stuff my dad has crammed into his luggage. We’ll be updating regularly with cool photos since no one can take a bad one in Patagonia, selfies of me noshing on (Chilean) empanadas, and a few stories of the awkward situations my forgotten Spanish gets us into. We are not pioneers—similar trips have been done before—nor are we expects, which therein promises some good content of all the great (bad, funny, weird) things that can happen to a father and his son looking for adventure. Stay tuned.
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